Campari l’aperitivo

Author: GiLaPorta

Campari l'aperitivo
Campari l’aperitivo

Flat pop art painting with decorative elements of African art. Happy colors for happy hearts.

Gi_LaPorta story

I am a self-taught artist, I have always loved bright colors and the love for Africa has increased in me the interest in the tribal decorations that I often use in my works, as well as the subjects. I use acrylic colors because my painting is straightforward, immediate, even if I love oil and watercolor colors very much, I often try as soon as I have a murillo sheet. I am very inspired by Henry Matisse and David Hockney for their way of showing the everyday with vivid colors as is my idea of art: Art is life.

Gerardo La Porta is an artist based in Italy where his paintings have been featured in several solo and group exhibitions. He characterizes his current artworks as flat pop art painting with decorative elements of African art. La Porta most often depicts women and flowers, stating that the “sinuous figures” and the movement of lines are major features in his works. In addition, he adapts other subjects, such as animals or landscapes, to his method of artistic expression.

After graduating he decided to continue in this artistic genre by extending his ideas into the New York City Transit System. He went underground into the intricate and congested subway system drawing and painting virtually every day!
Eventually Enrico would use the actual New York City Subway map as his drawing paper, resulting in a most interesting collaboration of his signature architectural style with the abstract quality of the subway map. Enrico has exhibited his work at The Adam Clayton Powell State Building, The City Reliquary, and has also received the opportunity to speak at and hold a children’s drawing workshop at the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. His work is also on display in buildings around Manhattan. Some notable collectors of Enrico’s art include celebrity photographer Richard Corman, Misty Copeland, and actors Carl Weathers and Dane DeHaan.

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