César Yagüe


César Yagüe (b. 1971) is a Spanish producer, creative director, 2D, 3D and VFX artist. Since 1993 he has been professionally dedicated to art within the world of communications. He has created multiple visual works of art for publicity, feature films, TV, Internet, events and installations.
César has worked for agencies and brands such as McCANN, J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy, Banco Santander, Capital One Bank, Ford, BMW, Peugeot, Land-Rover, Mitsubishi, Fanta, Johnson & Johnson, Vichy Laboratories, AXE, SIEMENS, Nestlé, to name a few. During this time César realized that he belongs to an industry that creates unsatisfied desires and he decided to create his art unconditioned by external demands.
Since 2008 he has created one-of-a-kind visual works of art that enhance the mood of any space. The mastery and delicacy which he uses movement are the principal characteristics of this artist. With every artwork, the audience can experience a feeling of warmth, joy and relaxation. César’s seamlessly cyclical artworks are silent to allow the audience to connect with the energy of silence.
Thanks to his commercial background, César also creates bespoke and non-standard resolution artworks. For this artist, it is essential that his artworks be of top-notch quality.


In 2014 Sony started distributing his artworks on its Video Unlimited 4K Service (US), the first 4K streaming and download service in the world. He became the first digital visual artist distributing his 4K artworks with unlimited copies (Open Editions) in the same way as other content on Sony’s 4K Entertainment platform.
In November 2014 Sony launched the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector onto the market in L.A. For the opening event at Domus Design Collection (DDC), Sony showcased César’s artwork ‘Nosotras 4K’ as an example of this new concept.
In 2017 Banco Santander ordered César four 5K bespoke artworks to create a calming ambient channel for its headquarters in Madrid (Spain).
Awarded: Special Recognition ‘Digital Graffiti’, 2018 at Alys Beach (FL) with the artwork ‘Softporn 8K’.
Since 2020 twenty César’s artworks can be enjoyed through one of the most popular Alexa skills for screen devices ‘Ambient Visions’. (US, UK & Germany).
In 2020-21 he becomes a crypto artist on curated platforms such as KnownOrigin, Snark.Art, BlockParty, Blackdove, Elementum.art, Artcrypted and Metaopus.