Licia Fusai


Licia Fusai

The works of Licia Fusai (born in Florence, 1968) are created through a close observation of nature, seen not only as a source of inspiration, but above all as a possible and extraordinary means of expression. The moon, the sun and eclipses are just some of the elements and natural phenomena that the hand of the artist brings to life by the unusual combination of carefully selected spices, salt, powdered cinnamon and cloves.


The personal journey that allows Licia Fusai to find the aesthetic aspect in foods of plant and mineral origin through the infinite shades of colour that nature offers, is both intimate and painful. In 2001, a serious car accident forced her to face and endure enormous physical suffering, leading her to question the close relationship between nature, mankind and nutrition more deeply. Licia then looked to natural remedies and macrobiotic philosophy, in particular, its principal nutrients of which she soon became a connoisseur.


Contact with natural resources on the one hand and a more mature awareness of their importance on the other, fused together in Licia Fusai to form a strong artistic inclination, which initially manifested itself in art forms primarily using recycled waste materials.


The same spirit of renewal is found mainly in her early small works on canvas, which allowed the artist not only to experience the different artistic applications of foods, but also to deepen and broaden her technical knowledge on the use of resins, used for their excellent adhesive properties. These resins, with as many as twenty layers applied meticulously to one single piece of art, are selected according to their durability and aesthetic qualities with the same sophistication that characterizes all of Licia Fusai’s work.