Scott Haney


 Scott Haney enjoys being creative in many mediums including where he started off as a screen and voice actor.
He always had a keen interest in art, and when the pandemic stopped the world he decided to pursue his passion.  He wanted to fuse the language of cinema, modernist art such as geometric, surrealism, abstract landscapes, and composing his own music to the cinematic video loops to create an immersive experience.
The forms and colours of a static contemporary painting are brought to life by using the camera movements to change the entire composition of the piece many times over. 
Scott has received recognition from Nvidia who used his work as an example of what is possible when using their graphics card.
His nft video art piece “I data stream” was part of the first ever Ar  exhibition along with other respected artists like Hackatao shown at Miami art Basel, and curated by Eleonora Breezy.
He’s also recently brought his work to the perspective project which helps to raise mental health awareness.
All music featured in the videos are original compositions by scotthaney111